Combo roof waterproofing systems- Things to consider

Combo roof waterproofing systems- Things to consider

If your property is in an area subject to extreme weather conditions, such as salt tolerance, a salt-and-water combination roof may be the right solution for your needs. Combination roofs are a mix of a saltwater salt-remediated (often sodium silicates) and a protective coating of paint or epoxy resins. This type of roofing is ideal for every type of house. Although it has been in use for decades, the salt-and-water combination has only recently become a popular option.

Consider the contractor’s background and training:

Before you sign any contracts with combination roof waterproofing in Dubai, you should carefully consider the contractor’s background and training. Research the company online and read any customer reviews posted by past customers. Find out what type of warranties they offer and how long they guarantee their work. Also, inquire about a 25 years warranty on maintenance and replacement of the membranes.

Consider purchasing a system designed specifically for combination roofs:

These systems provide excellent protection against a variety of weather conditions, including hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, tropical storms, and excessive rainfall. The protection provided by a combination roof system is typically greater than conventional waterproofing solutions. However, a 25 years warranty on maintenance is not always a must.

Understand the difference between thermal & roof waterproofing systems:

The composition of your combo roof waterproofing system may affect its effectiveness. It’s important to understand the differences between thermal insulation and an effective roof waterproofing system. Thermal insulation works by providing a barrier between the surface of your roof and the elements. If the barrier is weak, the warmth will escape. If the barrier is ineffective, the heat will stay in, day and night. In a warm climate, the presence of thermal insulation can save you thousands of dollars in high heating and cooling costs over the life of your roof.

Get recommendations:

The best way to find a great combination waterproofing company is to ask others who have had similar work done. Many contractors have testimonials and recommendations posted on their websites and in their building files. Ask your local real estate agent if they have any referrals or recommendations from local contractors. Then, call each contractor individually to learn more about their combination solution and their company. Review the customer reviews with caution, but remain hopeful that your new roof is going to perform as promised. If you do follow this advice, you will likely end up with a roof that performs well and lasts for 25 years or longer.