Different types of system integration

Different types of system integration

Well, before proceeding towards the types, you all must know that what system integration basically is. Well system integration is something which basically join different sub systems together to ensure that whether the over all system is working appropriately or not. As the name indicates, integration is a communication and thus system integration means that there is a communication between systems. Well, as we have just discussed that system integration is responsible to connect various systems through communication, right? This is important because every system might have its own language and this integration system will help in their communication.

For this purpose you will find various system integrator companies from where you can get this facility. You will find more info here so make sure that you have read this whole article. Okay so now, let’s just come to the main topic that is the types of system integration.

Data integration

One type of system integration is known as data integration or DI. Do you want to gather your whole data at one central point for the access? Well if yes, then for that purpose you must opt for the data integration. This is so, because data integration is in the form of databases in which you can gather data from different places and then aggregate it at one place for further accessing.

Electronic data integration

Here comes another beneficial type of system integration and that is electronic data integration. EDI is the short form used for this type and it is ideal for the businesses. Like if we clearly want to define the electronic data integration then it is pure business to business centric process. In this type, there is basically an exchange of paperless documents which helps the businesses a lot.

Enterprise application integration

We all know that system integration is very important but choosing the right type is far more crucial. This is so because every type has its own uses or applications so opting for the right type as per your need is very important. Well, here is the third type of system integration and that is enterprise application integration or EAI. This type basically revolves around the services. It helps in the communication of various services which can be then proceeded towards further steps as per the requirement of workflow.