Top health benefits of playing volleyball

Top health benefits of playing volleyball

It doesn’t matter, whether you play volleyball on the beach, grass, or indoors, it has excellent health benefits and keeps you fit. Volleyball also allows you to get involved in social activities as you can play it with a team or single partner. Read here the top health benefits of playing volleyball.

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Burns fat and calories:

The significant benefit of playing volleyball is it helps to burn fat and calories in your body, which is essential for weight loss. A recent study revealed that with a half-hour volleyball game, you can burn 90 to 140 calories with a non-competitive game. On the other hand, you take a part competitive volleyball game; it helps to burn calories from 130 to 178.

Give shape and tone to your body:

One of the best things about playing volleyball is it gives better shape and tone to your body. Your upper body, shoulders, and arms become stronger and strengthen. It also improves the muscles of your lower body and enhances respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Improve metabolic rate:

The best way to improve your energy level and overall performance are by playing volleyball regularly. This sport allows you to increase your metabolic rate and boost your energy.

Improve hand-eye coordination:

When you play volleyball, you have to focus on the ball with your eyes and then use your hands for a successful strike. This practice improves your hand-eye coordination and improves your mental health. This sport requires instant reaction when you get a strike to make a point.

Build balance, coordination, agility, and speed:

Volleyball is a speed game; you have to decide in a second for a successful strike. To become a good player in volleyball, you will need to improve a physical and technical skill that makes you the best player. In this game, you have to focus on set, pass, block, attack, and dig the ball, which requires good balance, flexibility, speed, and upper and lower body strength.

Healthy heart:

When you play volleyball, your heart rate up, which helps to circulate more blood to the entire body? This circulation not only strengthens your heart but also improves overall health.

Increase muscular strength:

A volleyball game is not a cup of tea for everyone because this sport requires strong muscles and chest to play effectively. Thus, if you want to improve your volleyball skills, you have to maintain your physical fitness and muscular strength.

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