Celebrating Women’s Day

Very recently, the international women’s day was celebrated in all parts of the world. This day is synonymous with celebrating the rights of women and letting them know that their presence is crucial. However, a huge number of women in the world do not have access to basic health facilities. The women’s day should not be a time to talk about first world problem but rather directing the attention of the world towards the women who does not have access to basic human rights. Every year a lot of women die because of the injuries and infections that result from pregnancy.

Spreading Awareness about Health

The average midwife is not a doctor and there is not much that they can help with a lady who is going through complications. Therefore, it is very important for the women to combine their forces and reach out to those who are unable to help themselves. Not only rural women but also urban women are afraid to reach out to their doctors and get access to health related facilities.

The modern society should applaud women for getting out and getting access to the facilities in life that otherwise they would not have been able to acquire. The Best OB GYNE in Dubai has also joined hands with different social workers and organizations that are trying to raise awareness among women. The most important thing to understand is that no questions can sound unnecessary and useless when they are regarding health.

Sometimes, diseases like cancer go undiagnosed for years because women either do not know about them or are too afraid to address these problems. No one wants to get deadly diseases and everyone wants to have a clean and simple life. However, it is not possible and realistic in real life. There are always going to be issues at certain points in life which needs to be addressed for resolution. The women should have enough courage and strength to make sound decisions about their lives and take control of their health. The services like Stretch marks laser treatment in Dubai are not off limits for women anymore.